One Way In...

         No Way Out.


Beautiful, innocent and trusting high school senior, Angelica (Cathrine Georges) is enjoying, but not yet at ease with, her new found position as BFF of popular crowd queen bee, Staci (Sarah Christine Smith).  The new relationship is causing tension at home with her parents, as under Staci’s influence, Angelica is breaking rules for the first time in her life.  She is also falling hard for nice guy football star, Brad (Mike Dunay), while Staci is trying to run interference for Owen (Ryan Doom), the spoiled, handsome leader of the in crowd who has set his sights on the virginal Angelica.


While the school is buzzing with rumors of a pirate radio station that just “appears on full moon nights” granting callers their hearts’ desires, everyone is gearing up for the party after the big game.  But when Angelica is grounded, and tells the manipulative Staci that she can’t be by her side, Staci pulls out all the stops in her quest to get Angelica to sneak out and join her.  As the evening progresses, and Angelica fears that Brad is slipping through her fingers, she notices the full moon, and in desperation, turns to the radio and finds the pirate station whose soothing orator is both irresistible and mysterious.


When Owen’s second in command, Spike, (Daniel Booko) informs the crew that Angelica is home alone, they decide to stop by and have a little fun at her expense.  Meanwhile Angelica calls in to the radio show and makes her wishes and vows to the Oracle, who assures her all will come to pass.  As the unsuspecting teens arrive for what they think will be a harmless prank, the dark power that has been unleashed begins to make its evil presence known and Angelica’s wishes begin to be fulfilled in a terrible twisted nightmare that will have all of her friends fighting for their lives.


Be careful what you wish for...

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